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We are here to make an impact on every college student's life, by providing a complete and robust platform that will make their lives easier. Join us in our mission to change the world!

Job Listings
Growth & Engagement Strategist As a Growth & Engagement strategist, you will get the chance to work closely with the Demia team and develop unique ways to bring new users to the app and keep them engaged with interesting, insightful, and entertaining content. You will gain skills to strategically assess growth and performance metrics to improve, change and/or help design new growth & engagement strategies for Demia as you get students to download and use the app. This position is paid! Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to work with a fast-paced start-up led by recent college graduates who are dedicated to helping all college students get a complete and fulfilling college experience. Posted 2 weeks ago
Brand Ambassador As a Brand Ambassador, you will work with a team of individuals at your college to increase awareness and adoption of our robust college networking platform, Demia. You will leverage growth strategies and tools including social media, email marketing, LinkedIn outreach, and peer networking to grow the user base on your campus. Posted 2 weeks ago